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Zlatni BOL Apartments
Bol island Brac Croatia

Zlatni Bol apartments – 4 star apartments Bol Croatia - Zlatni rat Croatia

New 4 star apartments in Bol Croatia, ZLATNI BOL**** located in quiet area close to Bol center and to Zlatni rat promenade and Borak beach. Zlatni rat beach is just 10min walk from our us and Bol port 5min.

Our guests don't use a car because everything is within walking distance..... link to BOL MAP

Bol apartment Ruzmarin S3

Zlatni Bol apartments are fully equipped with air condition, WLAN internet, private parking, Sat/TV/DVD... and private grill (only Studio S3)... some with sea view terrace

Studio S2 Zlatni Bol

some with south loveseat terrace

Studio S2 Bol delight

or two Studio S3 with south terrace, private garden and grill...

Studio S3 terrace and garden

Enjoy your holidays in Zlatni Bol apartments and famous Croatia beach Zlatni rat Bol Brac Croatia. Our location is half way from center to Zlatni rat beach...

Zlatni rat beach Bol

Bol is situated on the southern coast of island Brac Bol is also the oldest town and most famous seaside resort of the Adriatic.

apartments Bol Brac Croatia

Info about Bol apartments, Bol hotels, Bol accommodation, Bol excursion, fun and sport in Bol Croatia. New apartments in Bol accommodation ZLATNI BOL near Zlatni rat beach ...diving, biking, windsurfing MOVIE, tennis on the most famous beach Zlatni rat Croatia.


Zlatni rat Bol Bol apartments Bol

Bol accommodation - Bol apartments - Zlatni rat - apartment Bol - Bol Croatia

Apart from cultural monuments, Bol also features a number of natural beauties. East and west of Bol Brac are numerous shores, beautiful Croatia beaches. The famous and probably the most beautiful beach on the Adriatic is Golden cape. Almost every day you can enjoy the performances of well known theatres, the appearances of famous musicians, popular singers, and local cultural clubs who offer you performances of local dances, songs and shows. Bol Brac is a popular vibrant resort on the south of the beautiful Croatian islands. Enjoy a lively atmosphere thanks to many summer sport activities. Bol offer excellent conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing courses. Bol also offer outstanding scuba diving, sailing, underwater fishing and waterskiing. Bol sights include the Dominican monastery, botanical gardens and Dragon’s Cave above the village of Murvica. Bol Brac is very popular for families with so much fun and sport. From Bol center mini train and small taxi boats are getting around to the resort and Bol beaches.


Bol Croatia Bol Bol Croatia apartments Bol




EXPLORE ISLAND BRAC Brac reveals itself in two ways: through the gentleness of its coastline and through the rough attractions of its inland. Along its developed north coastline the more important settlements of Brac have been established: Supetar, Sutivan, Splitska, Postira, Pucisca... the powerful tourist and agrarian centre. The western and eastern slopes of Brac are gentler, the landscape line is calmer, the settlements are younger. The western settlements, Bobovisca and especially Milna, have developed navigation , fishing and shipbuilding. The younger eastern settlements, Povlja and Sumartin, grow olive trees and have a growing tourist industry. The southern part of island is more narrow, steep, has more interesting coast and is quite unpopulated. There, under the Illyrian-Roman fort Koštilo and Vidova gora, stretches Bol. You can rent a car Bol or rent a scooter Bol and explore island Brac. You can also rent a garage Bol.To the west of Bol there are two especially interesting, now deserted, Glagolitic monasteries: in Murvica and in Blaca. They both began their histories in the caves: the first in the Zmajeva špilja (The Dragon's cave) which still has the undeciphered apocalyptic reliefs in stone with the traits of the pagan beliefs, and the later, the one in Blaca, begun its history in the cave of Ljubitovica. There, against the cliff, along with the growth of the island, the monastery and the estate buildings of unreal beauty were erected for centuries. The first record of Brac dates from the 4 th c. B.C. which reflects its greatness and significance at that time.


LEISURE Almost every day you can enjoy the performances of well known theatres, the appearances of famous musicians, popular singers, and local cultural clubs who offer you performances of local dances, songs and shows. Holidays in Bol feature a popular vibrant resort on the south of the beautiful Croatian island of Brac. Enjoy a lively youthful atmosphere thanks to an exceptional range of sporting activities. Bol offer particularly good conditions for windsurfers and superb courses for all levels. Holidays in Bol Brac also offer outstanding scuba diving, underwater fishing, sailing and waterskiing. Bol Brac holidays offer great facilities for tennis, and interesting mountain biking and walking in lush valleys and the highest mountains on the Adriatic islands. Local Bol holiday sights include the monastery, botanical gardens, the village of Murvica and the Dragon’s Cave. With so much to see and do, Bol Brac holidays are very popular with families. Guests can use a mini train and small boats for getting around the resort and Bol beaches. Bol apartments with pool you can find at Bol also.


FUN & SPORTS Besides traditional recreational activities, we recommend to sports lovers windsurfing kitesurfing diving and other water sports. Bol offers 25 tennis courts for sports enthusiasts (the central court has 1800 seats), excellent conditions for windsurfing and other water sports, biking, mountain biking, boccia, bowling, basketball, soccer, volleyball. You can try discovery Scuba diving courses, fishing and paragliding from Vidova gora Peak. Southern coast of the island Brac is great for underwater fishing too.


Bol Zlatni rat Croatia Bol Brac Zlatni rat Croatia Bol Dominican monastery Bol Brac Croatia Bol Brac

EXCURSION On the island, you can visit one of Brac's most beautiful destinations, Blaca desert. Local Bol sights include the monastery, botanical gardens, the village of Murvica and the Dragon’s Cave. Zmajeva Spilja (Dragon's cave) is west of Bol. This is a monument to cultural heritage filled with reliefs that describe the monastery and cave dwelling habitat of the Glagolitic priests from the 15th century. It is approximately 200 meters above the small town of Murvica. During summer season you can take a daily excursion to Split, Korcula, Dubrovnik, Hvar, Omis, Solta, Makarska, Jelsa, Medugorje, Vrboska, Mljet and hermitage Blaca, one of the most beautiful excursion destinations on the island Brac. Half day excursions to the Vidova gora Peak from where you can enjoy magnificent views of the surrounding Dalmatian islands. While you are on the Vidova gora, try Dalmatian prsut (smoked ham), goat and sheep cheese, wine and lamb from Brac in the konoba on the peak itself. With so much to see and do, Bol is very popular for families.


FOOD Taste all the varieties of our olives, indulge in our olive oil, sip some of our wild orange liqueur, try prosek, a nectar-sweet wine, or sample some of the Plavac Mali varieties, a grape that made Californian wines famous, brought from Croatia via Dalmatia’s ancient inhabitants. Various restaurants offer local and international cuisine, with an excellent selection of quality wines. The inhabitants of Bol are particularly proud of the well-known wine Bolski plavac. Holidays in Bol, a wide choice of inexhaustible selection of cafes, bars, restaurants and family tavern's serving local specialties and wines. Bol holiday nightlife is famously varied and lively, with parties and late-night dancing.


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